Smart Analytics

In all industrial operations, large amounts of data are continuously generated in the business-, production- and maintenance processes. Data that is used in the daily activities in the execution or presented in reports and dashboards. Some of the vast quantities of data also becomes valuable in the search for detailed information about historical operational events. But the major share of the data will for many operations remain hidden in databases, just because it is difficult and time-consuming to summarize, create overviews and draw conclusion from large amounts of data.

Data Information Insight

Sinapro.IIoT Analytics is the powerful easy to use business analytics solution that will help you to, improve operational efficiency, optimize your productivity, improve your delivery precision, increase your revenues and gain a competitive edge over rivals. Covering the scope from long term historical data to real-time data, Sinapro.IIoT Analytics will give your staff easy access to actionable information about operational performance, key performance indicators - KPI and more.

Sinapro.IIoT Analytics has an intuitive user interface where it’s as easy to summarize data and create an overview as it is to drill down in to the details. With just a few clicks you can consolidate, search, visualize and analyse all your data for full insight.

Integration with QLECTOR LEAP boost your knowhow about your processes with a help with AI technology. LECTOR LEAP create digital model of your enterprise by integrating real-time business and process data inside our AI platform. Digital model provides complete transparency into the current and the future state of your business.


Key Features

  • OEE Overview 

Get graphical representation and table presentation of the OEE value, availability, efficiency and quality 

  • Availability Analysis 

Direct and easy access to availability figures for machines, lines, teams, shifts, ..

  • Downtime Analysis

Break down the downtime by types, easy to see where the largest problems are, focus on one or a few types and drill down, isolate faults, machines, shifts etc. Get access to notes and suggested improvements. See the trends.

  • Product and Order Analysis

Follow up OEE value on product and order level.
Change-over matrix is a powerful tool for planning.

  • Quality Analysis

Focus on quality loss, follow up scrappings and scrapping types/costs. Drill down to find potential cost savings. Access to suggested improvements connected to scrapping.

  • Speed Analysis

Speed and operational efficiency. Planned production compared to actual production over time.

  • Machine Report 

Overview of OEE, downtime 

  • Availability data and order data 

Per plant/department/group/machine/shift

  • Loss Cost Analysis

Loss type, stop cause, machine, production place, product

  • Maintenance Analysis

For maintenance department / machine / KPI





Key Benefits

  •  Get full control 

Provides real-time production information available for all levels in the organization while timely distributed reports and powerful analysis tools give full visibility and control of the performance of the manufacturing process at any time.

  • Improve productivity

Enables continuous improvement resulting in increased efficiency and productivity through a platform, which gives access to detailed production data, visualization tools as well as the right tools for decision-making.

  • Increase and secure output

Facilitates your planning for precise delivery and increased total production output by securing full control over availability, performance and order status.

  • Minimize efforts to follow up production performance

Reduces reporting time and allows for more value-adding improvement work through advanced automatic data collection combined with efficient and intuitive support for manual reporting of causes for disturbances.

  • Improve quality

Enables analysis of data from quality related disturbances on machine, product or order level which in turn has a direct impact on OEE when reasons for quality issues can be quickly identified and fixed.

  • Get the facts

Ensures easy access to reliable data needed for decision-making on improvements, investments and changes in production flow.

  • Quick return on investment (ROI)

Makes your investment count before you know it – due to a proven and streamlined installation process.

  • Be ready for Industry 4.0 – Get digital

Gets you up to speed on Industry 4.0 by connecting the equipment, making production data available and by providing the tools for integrating real-time production information into your present and future digital manufacturing environment.


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