Cloud enables Business 

Sinapro.IioT enables the collection and processing of data directly in the production hall and/or in the "cloud".

This allows faster access to all types of data and real-time analysis.



Fast Implementation with Sinapro.IIoT SaaS 


With Sinapro.IIoT SaaS the time from decision to Go-Live is shortened dramatically. Your Sinapro.IIoT system will be hosted and supported in the cloud and accessed via the Internet. All IT operations, server installation, operating system upgrades, database administration, security and backup procedures, are handled by our professional SaaS team and the requirements for your local IT infrastructure are reduced to a bare minimum. The only requirement is a PC or mobile device with internet access.

The cloud-based Sinapro.IIoT products can easily be connected to production equipment and sensors for data collection using standard technologies such as OPC, UA, MQQT and web services.

Full flexibility and dedicated solution On Premise

The Sinapro.IIoT support installation on premise. Server software and database will be configured and setup according to your needs and with potential customizations or add-ons on a dedicated virtual server in a professional hosting environment.

The systems can be integrated to your financial (ERP) system or industrial systems located in another cloud or locally installed on premise.


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