Kolektor Sisteh with a new deal for the Šoštanj thermal power plant

Kolektor Sisteh with a new deal for the Šoštanj thermal power plant

31. 01. 2019

With the 2019 only just beginning, the company already landed a deal for a reconstruction and upgrading of the power supply installations and apparatus for the coal transport in the Šoštanj thermal power plant. The investment is estimated at EUR 1.4 million. The works completion is due in the end of 2019.

Kolektor Sisteh with a new deal for the Šoštanj thermal power plant

The Šoštanj thermal power plant is the largest producer of the electrical power in Slovenia. The energy product for production of the electrical and thermal energy is lignite from the Velenje coal mine. Following excavation in the mine, coal must be transported to coal deposits, through conveyor belts, cross-way stations to the boiler bunkers, which are the last stop before  the power plant block. Due to the long transport route and supply of several blocks of the thermal power plant, the transport is carried out through two parallel strip systems, which represents a 100% redundancy in the supply of the thermal power plant. Each system has a separate energy supply and a separate system of management and control.

The vital importance of transport routes and management of coal deposits is based on the fact that coal reserves in boiler bunkers suffice for 6 to 8 hours of operation, on average. The modernization of the equipment and improving of the reliability of coal transport flows has a vast impact on the reliability of the operation of the entire thermal power plant and increasing its energy efficiency.

For this purpose, a decision was made to invest into reconstruction and upgrading of the coal transport power supply. The entire project,  i.e. from the design, manufacture, assembly and launching of equipment  will be carried out by the Kolektor Sisteh with a consortium partner. Mr. Samo Ceferin, head of the A&EI department of Kolektor Sisteh explained:  » Our engineering team has got rich experience with similar transport systems. We have successfully accomplished several domestic and foreign projects within automation of coal transport or other free-flowing materials with state-of-art  equipment and equipment for control and management of processes.«

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