Modular energy distribution system

The xEnergy system is a modular system designed to carry out enclosed energy distribution assemblies intended to be installed on the floor. The system provides a wide range of fixed or removable power and control configurations in accordance with SIST EN 61439. Its modular design allows for smart combinations and extensions that can be customized for applications in infrastructure and industrial facilities. It provides a tested switch unit for smooth operation and maximum protection of people and equipment.

Technical specifications


Standard SIST EN: 61439-1, 2
Design check Certificate from DEKRA accredited laboratory 
Degree of internal division  Form 1 to form 4b
Rated operating voltage Ue   690 V/50-60 Hz
Rated current IA up to 5000 A
Rated short-term withstand current I cw up to 100 kA
Rated peak withstand current I pk up to 220 kA
Ambient temperature 35 °C (24-hour average)
Mechanical protection level IP 31 or IP 42 or IP 55
Grounding system TN-C/TN-C-S/TN-S/IT
Color RAL 7035 (possible also in another color)
Dimensions  Height: 2000 mm (without a base)
Width: 425/600/800/850/1000/1100/1200/1350 mm
Depth: 400/600/800/1000 mm
Stand Base height: 100 and 200 mm


Benefits of xEnergy

  • reliable operation, the key features of the built-in components are tested
  • safe operation (preventing unintentional contact with live parts, limiting arc propagation)
  • simple design and construction, application of type solutions
  • different levels of implementation that adapt to the requirements of use (IP protection, internal division of functional units of blocks)
  • possibility of fixed, plug-in or pull-out implementation of safety elements
  • easy and safe maintenance
  • modularity in extensions

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