Power supply systems

We provide uninterrupted power supply for your devices and systems.
A proper selection of power supply systems and their optimal adaptation to the requirements of applications are key elements in ensuring efficient power supply to critical consumers.

At Kolektor Sisteh we advise, design and configure a suitable device according to your requirements. With regular servicing, we take care of the device during its lifetime, thus enabling the maximum expected lifetime of the device.


Eaton UPS power systems

EATON is a leading provider of quality devices for uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

You can choose from UPS devices for different purposes and with different capacities:

  • designed for stand-alone computers, smaller servers and for home use
  • for server racks or small businesses, network equipment and manufacturing processes
  • for data centers or facilities (up to 1.1 MW stand-alone units)


DEA-Visa diesel generators for industrial use

To ensure an extremely long power supply time for facilities, we offer Visa diesel generators. As the official supplier of the Visa manufacturer, we carry out the delivery, assembly and commissioning of their diesel generators.

There are several versions of diesel generators available:

  • versions in housings to be placed outside or without housings to be placed inside, with different combinations of motors and generating units from world-renowned manufacturers
  • versions in soundproof housings for demanding applications



DEA-GenMac diesel generators

Since 1983, Genmac is well known for the quality of its products, the know-how and tailored solutions. Genmac power generators range from 2kW to 2000kVA with gasoline generators, diesel and gas generators for any type of application. In the meantime, Genmac became one of the biggest generating set manufacturers in the world. 

GenMac product range:



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