Proud of the achievements of our employees

Proud of the achievements of our employees

31. 05. 2019

At the 11th conference Automation in Industry and economy, the Technology network Process control technology (PCT) presented the awards for the best final thesis and masters thesis. This year`s winner of the award for the best masters thesis is Žiga Stržinar employed with the Kolektor Sisteh.

Proud of the achievements of our employees

Within his masters thesis “Modelling and detecting of defects in air-conditioning systems”, Žiga Stržinar with his mentor doc.dr. Dejan Dovžan and co-mentor prof.dr Igor Škrjanc of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering developed a method of a learning model for detecting of defects in operation of complex systems. Algorithms for detecting of defects are of high application value in industrial processes, for they improve the user`s experience, quality of process management, energy efficiency, reduce component wear and draw attention to non-typical operation thus prolong the life-span of a system.

Already during his studies, Žiga eagerly engaged in research work and received several awards, among them the award for the best student contribution at AIG 2017, award for one of the best students of his generation, and the faculty Prešeren award for outstanding achievements in the field of his studies.

For the present, Žiga is mainly concentrated on his development work within the program “Cornerstones, tools and systems for factories of the future - GOSTOP where, in developing the IIoT platform he is researching into methodology of capturing and connecting of production data with other production elements, such as production information systems, analytics systems, etc. the market is very much interested in a platform for capturing and processing of production data and their enrichment with relevant data from business and information systems. This filed is becoming more and more important especially due to ever growing demand for an in-depth understanding of industrial processes.

As for the future, Žiga wishes to solve topical and relevant issues of digitization of factories following the guidelines of the Industry 4.0. He has always been motivated by engineering problems. He has not said the last word about his further studies.

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