JUB modernized the production of powder raw materials

In the spring 2019 , the JUB Group in Dol pri Ljubljani completed an investment in modernizing the management system for the production of powder raw materials. JUB is considered to be the oldest producer of wall paints in Slovenia. It invests heavily in R&D and in increasing and modernizing production. In cooperation with the company Kolektor Sisteh, in mid-2018, they began a complete overhaul of the management system of the production at the Videm plant.

JUB modernized the production of powder raw materials

The best use of data to support decision making

At the level of operational and business management of production, we introduced our own software tools sinaproMES, sinaproBATCH and sinaproCHART to improve the management, control and administration of the production process.

In cooperation with the investor, we decided to replace the existing Yokagawa software and control equipment, which was outdated and needed upgrades. For the demanding process in the chemical industry, we selected Siemens control equipment and software. The volume of control equipment was large. More than 1200 control signals had to be transported to the new control system in a short time and tests of all process functionalities had to be performed.


Recipe life cycle management

The control system had to provide a very flexible procedure system while also providing a high degree of automation. The batch process management system was designed in accordance with current standards and recommendations, such as GAMP 5, 21 CFR part 11 and ISA S88.01 international standard, also known as the batch protocol. ISA S88.01 standard lays the foundations and starting points for software and hardware in a particular process and integrates them into processing procedures.

The introduction of the sinaproBATCH software solution for automated batch process management has helped to increase productivity and, in particular, to improve the quality enabled by the reproducibility of production processes. It has provided the investor with an electronic way of documenting production operations, history and complete traceability. It is important that it is an integral part of the production management system and that it is capable of interacting with all other information systems.

With the introduction of the sinaproCHART software solution, we provided an up-to-date overview and recording of selected process data. In the specific case, the investor uses it to check the quantity of raw materials in a large number of silos. By controlling the quantity and consumption of raw materials, it is possible to avoid stopping the operations due to the lack of process raw materials, and at the same time it is possible to monitor consumption along the time axis.

With the introduction of the main application sinaproMES, the vertical integration of processing procedures was established and control and traceability of the process from the control level to the level of the ERP business information system was ensured.
The expected growth in production and the need to further reduce production costs will continue to guide future investments in greater efficiency of processes. 


At the same time, the investment is an important step in further digitizing the production in the JUB Group.