Kolektor Sisteh with a new business operation for the thermoelectric power plant Šoštanj

Although the year 2019 has only just really begun, the company managed to acquire the business of implementing the reconstruction and updating of the electrical energy supply system that powers the transport of coal at the thermoelectric power plant Šoštanj. The investment is estimated at 1.4 million Euro. The estimated completion date of the works is by the end of 2019.

Kolektor Sisteh with a new business operation for the thermoelectric power plant Šoštanj

The thermoelectric power plant Šoštanj is the largest producer of electrical power in Slovenia. The energy product for producing electricity and heat in the thermoelectric power plant Šoštanj is lignite from the Velenje coal mine. From the mining in the mine, the coal needs to be transported to the coal repository through conveyor belts and sifting stations to the coal boiler bunkers that are the last station before entry into the thermoelectric power plant block. Due to the great length of the transport path and the supplying of several blocks of the thermoelectric power plant, two parallel conveyor belt systems are used, which leads to a 100-percent redundancy in the supply of the thermoelectric power plant. Each system has its own power supply and a separate management and monitoring system.

The extraordinary significance of transport paths and management of the coal repository is exhibited by the fact that the coal reserves in the boiler bunkers last for approximately 6 to 8 hours of operation. An update of the equipment and improvement of the reliability of coal transport flows thus has a big impact on the reliability of operations of the entire thermoelectric power plant and on increasing its energy efficiency.

Towards this end, the thermoelectric power plant Šoštanj decided to invest into the reconstruction and update of the supply of power to the coal transport. Kolektor Sisteh, together with our consortium partner, will manage the entire project, which encompasses the design, manufacture, assembly and release of the supplied equipment into operation.

Samo Ceferin, manager of A&EI in Kolektor Sisteh, commented: “Our team of engineers has a lot of experience with similar transport systems. They have successfully completed several coal and other free-flowing materials transport automation projects at home and abroad, using stat-of-the-art energy equipment and equipment for monitoring and management of processes.”

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