Successful completion of the first stage of the NEDO project

Already at the signing of the project agreement, the companies Hitachi, Eles and Kolektor announced that they intended to invest substantial funds into the digitalisation of networks and smart cities in the next three years. 

Successful completion of the first stage of the NEDO project

The majority of these funds will be allocated to projects in the fields of electricity networks and information-communication technologies, among the most notable will be the project of transforming Idrija into a smart city. The city will serve as a pilot project for new solutions in energy management that will link all public institutions and companies into a closed energy supply circle.

With the successful implementation of the project, Kolektor's solutions and knowledge will gain new significance for the continuation of the development path, especially in contents that we can offer in the field of electrical energy systems and the related upcoming technologies of electrical mobility and self-sufficiency.

First stage of the NEDO project

Phase 1 of the NEDO project was successfully completed in the spring of this year. In this phase that was oriented into smart electricity networks and that began in November 2016, the equipment for managing and monitoring the network, including the first three distribution regulation transformers, was implemented on the distribution networks of the companies Elektro Celje and Elektro Maribor. Slovenian companies in cooperation with the Japanese partner Hitachi were active in the development of the progressive functionality of distribution network management.

In Phase 1 of the project, experts from the company Kolektor Sisteh played an important role in the implementation of the equipment assembly. The progressive solutions from Phase 1 should give the distribution companies the opportunity of gaining new knowledge and experience in network operations, provide for a more dependable energy supply and inclusion of dispersed energy sources to Slovenian customers, and give the industry new engineering knowledge for the further development of solutions in the electricity sector.

Phase 2 will follow in autumn, focusing on establishing smart communities in Idrija and Ljubljana.

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