Inventor of the safe electrical connection technology

Wieland is a leading manufacturer of highly reliable electrical connection, power distribution, and functional safety technology for over 100 years. Manufactured in Europe, our products are perfected for industrial applications such as industrial automation, machine building, logistics, lighting, and power distribution.

Connection technology

Terminal blocks selos/fasis

Complete set of terminal blocks with screw, tension clamp or push-in connection.


Connection systems with low Protection Class gesis® IP20

Plug and play! High quality, durable components enable 70% time and 30% cost savings.


PCB components wiecon

Printed circuit board connectors make the device easier to maintain when connecting and replacing conductors. Printing and coding simplify assignment during wiring. 

Industrial connectors revos 

Heavy-duty industrial connectors have been specially designed for use in particularly harsh environments.

Flat cable systems gesis® NRG, podis® CON

Flat cable systems for industrial plants and for buildings are characterized by their flexibility and the low complexity of the cabling as well as the great time savings during installation. 


Sensor/actuator wiring - saris

For decentralized field installation between a PLC and sensors or actuators, the saris line is the ideal solution. 


Electronics for the control cabinet - interface

Wide offering of relays, the components for power supply and overvoltage protection, as well as the interface modules and analog isolation amplifiers (reley technologypower suppliesLED luminaries). 


Connection systems with high ip level gesis® IP69

Connection systems with high IP level for reliably for many years under difficult environmental conditions. 






Safety technology

Safety technology 

You want to implement machine safety easily and benefit from various functions? With samos® PRO COMPACT we provide performance, flexibility and safety in only one device. In addition to inputs of up to 70 kHz, our compact power pack has a switching capacity of 4 A and numerous interfaces. This makes samos® PRO COMPACT not only a safety controller, but also a real all-rounder for your application.


Electrical installation

 gesis® FLEX  

The construction industry is under pressure: forward-looking, energy-saving targets require the construction of ever more efficient buildings, and in ever shorter times. Neither can be achieved without perfected building automation. The gesis® FLEX series is KNX-based and modular. The functionality of a unit is derived from the nature and number of the extensions added to a base module.

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